Iggy Pop. Beat em up/V.I.P.
I'm a Very Important Person 
   I park in the V.I.P
   And when I go to the bathroom,
   i go in the V.I.P toilet
   And when I wanna change a lightbalb,
   I don't do it myself... Oooohhh no...
   I have a technician
   Cause I'm a V.I.P
   I'm a V.I.P
   I'm a V.I.P
   I'm a V.I.P 
   Now,as I began to become a V.I.P,
   i forgot what i've become a V.I.P for
   I began to grow accustommed to people saying
 "Right this way sir...drinks are on the house..."
   Flight attendants on airplanes saying :
"Please...Really, I don't wanna bother you sir, but it's such a pleasure to have you on board.
   May I have your autograph for my daughter ?"
 "Yeah baby right after Igo to the toilet
   I i'll give you a couple of'em
   Cause i'm a V.I.P!"
Now,one thing about V.I.P is,is they never seem to be alone
   Ooohh no !
   The "true" V.I.P must travel with an entourage !
   People who say "Right on boss"
   Cause it's a V.I.P!
   Right on boss
   I'm a V.I.P!
   As i began to realise that i had gained V.I.P status,
   worries began to creep in
   What if one day,i woke up,and i was no longer a V.I.P ?
   No more good tables at the restaurants...
   No more strange women smiling and approaching me on the streets...
   No more top notch booty
   No more entourage to say "Right boss"
   I began to have nightmares
   And in my nightmares, I was just a fucking nobody.
   Laying at the beach, imagining myself being a VIP !
   Just like i was before...
   Hearing the applause in my head 
   Beautiful warm embraces of superior members of the female gender...

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