Brick by Brick

People are so sad and I know why

With no chance to live before you die

You get pretty sick if you hafta

Keep it inside

I wanna build a house where an ad don't scream

I wanna live in peace-quietly

I wanna have a place of love and safety

People oughta live how and where they want

People oughta have respect in front

People oughta get along pretty O.K.


So get off my dick

I'm building it brick by brick

Brick by brick

I'm building a house where I can think

And have some balance and dignity

I'm building a house where no one can hurt me

I'm huilding a house where the weak are strong

I'm building a house with a real song

I'm using faith that is immortal

I'm building it with simplicity

and the way that we feel, you and me

I'm buidling it with what I believe in


Now I'm looking at just a little time

So be it-I want to

Be true to my simple heart

And not put nothing else above it

Brick by brick

Brick by brick

Brick by brick

Brick by brick

Brick by brick by brick

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